I’m sure you’ve seen a flow chart before But I want you to picture one with me for a minute. This type of flow chart can make you very rich.
The flow chart I’m talking about is for a sales funnel. On this flow chart each of the circles represent web pages and each of the arrows indicate where the visitor is taken when they buy an offer or decline.
It’s kind of like a “make your own ending”
novel that moves you around from page to
page based on your decisions. Except, this
type of page flow happens online instead of
in a book.
A sales funnel is the order in which you
present your product to the consumer and
when you know how to do this right it will 
exponentially multiply your profits.
The product in that sales funnel could have
been offered for about $80 and it would
probably make several hundred sales at that
price HOWEVER…. 
By spready the purchase decisions across a 
series of funnel pages the end result is 
THOUSANDS of sales and quite possibly 
hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.
BUT - BUT - BUT… the math doesn’t add up
You say?
“Ohh contraire mon fraire!” 
There is quite a bit more to the sales funnel
process that isn’t pictured in that flow chart
And that’s exactly why you need to watch
The FUNNEL BOSS training videos ASAP.
If you are into creative and ethical ways of 
making money online as much as I am…
This training will blow your mind.
When you PROPERLY apply this concept 
to your  business your profits will go through
the roof… Guaranteed. 
Omar and Melinda have learned to do this
with their sales funnels and it’s the main
reason they have been able to make millions
of dollars online.
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Trust me when I tell you that this simple
concept can change everything for you and
no one can teach it better than these two so
go get this.
To Your Success,
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