Revamply Review & Bonus

Revamply Review & Bonus
Sales of T-shirts: I do more both Viralstyle and Dragonee
About Affiliate Marketing: I do many things such as Product Launch, Niche sites, CPA, Authority sites, ... in general we do many things,Revamply Review & Bonus many different income sources
If you are passionate MMO, do not know where to start, you can enter your Teambuildvn Group for guidance from A to Z !!!
Founded in late 2014 by BQT Kiemtiencenter, Teambuildvn now available on the 1000 members have been making money online. This is the group that beginners make money online can join to get the guidance and support best
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B. The first stage of the campaign created Teespring
First to use Teespring you need to have 1 account: You can sign up here to receive an additional $ 0.5 bonus for 1 shirt sold, up to $ 2,500 maximum, go to the link and click login, and then click Create New Account to create a new account, you enter your email address and password to create an account first, very easy.
To design clothes, you launch a campaign in order to start designing clothes:
Step 1: Create - Create shirt
Here you can:
Select the type of clothing: Teespring current popular shirt styles for you to Design as follows: Basic Tee (Austria usual, both men and women can both wear should also be able to call it Unisex Tee), Long Sleeve (Austria long sleeved), Tank Top (Austria 3 holes), Hoodie (1 warm hat shirt is very much loved in the cold season), V-neck Tee (Austria heart neck),Revamply Review & Bonus Specialty (Austria above patterned shirt ), women's Tee (Austria exclusively for women), Premium Tees (same Basic Tee but better quality fabrics) and finally Kids (Austria for children, this shirt appeared recently)
Writing text on shirt color options
Using the symbols and icons available on Teespring design available
Choose shirt colors: there are many colors for you to choose clothes
And last is particularly important, you can upload your own design up (UPLOAD YOUR OWN), and almost anyone make money with Teespring use this option, for diverse design, optimization typefaces, symbols, making design more beautiful
After you complete the form you will click NEXT shirt will go to the next step is to place the Goal and prices.
Step 2: Set a goal
Goal is to estimate the amount of clothes you can sell, the higher the Goal, then you can add more types of clothes for your campaign, and by extension, in clothing prices will fall, and you can earn substantial returns than. Goal minimum of 3, which means you have to sell a minimum, the new Teespring in new clothes for your guests and profitable. But you can still adjust goal of 1 (meaning sold 1 shirt has money by going into settings and enable this Teespring at up to up photos teespring eps file format). But if you put your Goal is 30 but only sold 13 shirts,Revamply Review & Bonus the stars, okay, to finish the campaign, your goal will be automatically reduced to 13 and you'll still be paying for 13 shirt
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