Turbo JV Page Builder Review & Bonus

Turbo JV Page Builder Review & Bonus
WP User Front End is a free plugin helps you function the frame is applied to the new post in the administration page from outside the home (or Front End euphemistically call it) so that all of them have composing and posting rights to that just log on, regardless of what rights.Turbo JV Page Builder Review & Bonus In plugin you can customize status messages posted on the home page through as you can allow it to display on the site (published), auto save draft after sending (draft) or be included in the state post pending (pending) so you do not need to worry about the articles posted by members because we can browse them all after they press the submit button.
Moreover, if you are fond of advertising sites, allows members to advertise and conduct charging up through the post this plugin then you can still do it features simple but quite effective in the area PayPal payment gateway in case.
After a period of searching and testing, I assert that if you are looking for a plugin serves for opening the guest system on the website blog, then do not have any better plugin this plugin anymore, but features only a guest blog available in the paid version of WP Front End User only. But overall, the free version of it also has plenty of work to support you.
Instructions for installing and using WP User Front End
Once installed, the first thing you should do is go to Settings -> Permalink view has enabled path structure not static, if not then you should select the structure is% postname%.
Then on Pages -> Add New and create one or more new page content is the following shortcode, you should only put a shortcode in a page.
Create function for WP User page Front End
Using shortcode
The shortcode (start with a semicolon [) then you copy it using straight into posts
New post page: [wpuf_addpost]
Post edit page: [wpuf_edit]
Edit member information: [wpuf_editprofile]
Management article: Turbo JV Page Builder Review & Bonus [wpuf_dashboard]
In case you intend to integrate PayPal into two pages, you should create the following:
View membership packages bought: [wpuf_sub_info]
See member list of packages available for purchase: [wpuf_sub_pack]
You may not need to create all about that page, each page can simply new post is enough. Then should put it on the menu page in the Appearance -> Menu.
Now you can send the page to post that you just made to members posted on the website is then, namely it like this.
Page post for members
But just wait, you also need to add some custom options so that it works as you like more.
You log into wp-admin -> WP User Front End -> WP User Front End to proceed with the installation. This includes the following items:
Label - Write a title for each item, you can write the same as if the user Vietnamese pictured below.
Set up label
Front End Posting - Turbo JV Page Builder Review & Bonus Set the options for the post, this is the important part, so I would annotate each option are as follows:
Frontend Posting Settings
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