Dark Post Engine Review & Bonus

Dark Post Engine Review & Bonus
A blog post to be able to attract readers not only the content to be very valuable, but also very much depend on the aesthetic elements in the article.Dark Post Engine Review An article without a bit of aesthetic does will make the reader become lazy to read, look at the whole boring because the word is the word, want to verify the fact then you just up Wikipedia is known, there is the message believe in it very difficult because most of the whole word, right?
Capture the sentiment that we need to use some tricks visual stimulation of the reader to make them more interesting part when looking at your posts. No need to use too many complex methods, now Thach will share tips for decorating your a lively article in WordPress with just a single plugin. Of course you can still apply it in other blog platforms, provided that allows to customize and use HTML and CSS.
Yesterday a friend sent mail your questions about how to have the option of hiding an article or a category apart from any home page to cede "gold position" outside the home for more prominent posts. Actually, the Thach Pham Blog also apply this option to hide some entries outside the home does not stand out in order to avoid the new posts do not have any other card readers are a less attractive content than occupied.
And for WordPress, Dark Post Engine Review you can do this as easy as turning a hand with some plugin support, in this article will mention 2 Thach plugin option hides the post and also the easiest to use plugin that is Thach using.
Hide all articles in a category outside home
→ Remove Posts Plugin use in Category From Homepage
With this plugin options you will get all the articles in a selected category can not be shown to the homepage. After installation of your Posts → Categories and select Edit, and then click the Remove unused main game loop at the bottom.
Option hides the post outside home
Option hides the post, category, tags improve
Exclude use → Simple Plugin
If you want more options to hide more articles, use this plugin. It will help you the option to hide at home, in the search results, Feed and Archive. Moreover, you have the option to hide an article or hide a category, any tag.
After installation, you go to menu in wp-admin Exclude Simply to install hidden attributes. Here you can select the "Exclude (Exclude)" and "Included (Include)".Dark Post Engine Review This means that if you choose Exclude the objects will be hidden when you select it, even if you select the Include the objects will be displayed when you select it.
Simply setup options for Exclude
Next to options hidden attribute on the Category, then you will find Posts → Categories are the following options. You want to hide it in the area, every area of ​​the area box and click the Save button does not need anything.
Categories hidden options outside home.Get Dark Post Engine Review through my link : https://lindareview.com/ip/dark-post-engine-review/
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Dark Post Engine Review & Bonus
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