eCom Conversions Review

eCom Conversions Review
See the image, you will see this plugin is not related to an increase in subscribers to the blog but it is a plugin can do it indirectly. Simply,eCom Conversions Review you can insert an HTML content with the beginning and end posts with this plugin, it will be placed in all the articles on the blog, of course, is that you can insert into the optin form.
Cliftons Lightbox
Also a popup containing optin form to register tracking newsletter, but this plugin will have a more interesting function that allows you to insert into the video's embed code.
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Subscribers Magnet Maxblogpress - $ 37
Subscriber-Magnet-WordPress-plugin PluginNoi to work related to optin form, those who have been doing Marketers make too familiar with this name. It is also an optin form plugin support insert into the current most effective blog with more features such as creating extremely powerful popup, sticky footer, fixed form in every article, book form in the sidebar, .. v .. supports many different colors look very nice. This plugin is currently priced at $ 37 for single version, but now you can proceed to trial within 14 days of this plugin is only $ 1.
Subscribe & Download - $ 12
If those who have a long track his blog will know that I have a very good function used in this blog are automatically receive links via email. That is, after you enter your email and name in, the system will automatically send a text via the email itself. But what is important here is not my wish to complicate the process of downloading that the email you enter will be saved to and ... .gui Mailchimp straight to your account, and then those who will download as becoming a subscriber of Thach Pham Blog.
Currently you can still use this feature to install the service through your blog.
Optin Skin - $ 67
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