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You know, WordPress is now more on auto save draft articles every given time.Revamply Review This can be very handy for you, but it does the size of your database to bulge if you do not clean it regularly. If you are lazy, then turn it clean always fresh.

Declaring this code in wp-config.php file

define ( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);
Optimize database

For a long time, your database will generate a number of components into which garbage is stored after each command executed from the server. So there is nothing more precious is to actively cleans it after a certain time. I usually prepare a database of about 1 week, 1 time. You can use the following plugin to clean up the database:

WP Optimize
Optimize DB Yoast
In addition, there is a note that when you install any plugins on, it will automatically generate a column of data in the table wp_options, but when you remove the plug out, the data columns remain. So every time you remove the plugin, it's best to use another WP plugin Options Editor to delete the data columns are no longer used.

Using CDN - Content Network Devilery

If your blog has lots of pictures, video, bla bla ... then use the CDN as a way to improve the speed and reduce the load for the best server. Some CDN providers best current fee is:

Amazon CloudFront
But often the CDN services are priced slightly more expensive, suitable for use on blogs or websites large-scale mid-range and above. If you want to use a CDN for free, install CloudFlare to your website is now free CDN.

Should see: KeyCDN - cheapest CDN Services and installation for WordPress.

Using JavaScript techniques for Async

Async technical means asynchronous loading, ie JavaScript files will not load as soon as the browser has opened which will only begin when the browser loads loads other components of the website. To apply techniques in website Async, you can use CloudFlare to customize if you are using it, or you look at the WordPress plugin support for async.

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