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To activate this function,Commercify Review you click the Options button at the top of the page Screen writing, then looked down to see the options for the article Slug.
Enable Post Slug
Schedule automatic publishing articles (Scheduled Posting)
What do you do when there is a lot of story ideas, but next time you have to travel far, or can not post messages in a short time? If your blog for a while is not updated content then surely you will lose a certain audience. In principle, you can prepare in advance and articles or to schedule automatic posting it in WordPress, but most of the new users still do not know or forgot about this feature and instead they must self published articles manually.
To use this feature, you click on the Edit button at the Publish section of the frame to put the time editor appears on blog posts then click the Schedule button.
Commercify Review Bonus
If you just focus on using the plugin, customizable themes are afraid you've missed a lot of features hidden inside it. So it was not wrong when you take out the spare time to look over the contents inside the WordPress Codex if you want to fulfill its ability to work.
4 examples I've listed above are just a small fraction of the features few people mentioned in WordPress though it is very useful. So now, please proceed to learn skills in WordPress functionality and I assure you that this will increase productivity a lot if you can master its features.
Post Slug
Slug in the category, tag, page, we are not unfamiliar then. But the slug in the article, why? Perhaps for many people until now still do not know that slug supports both posts.
This is a feature to optimize the link to your posts by adding a tag to the back of any domain suffix to lead to that article. For example, if we create a slug for certain posts is collected-thuat and when you visit the browser will automatically transfer you to that article.Commercify Review  This feature is useful if you want to create a certain keyword to a short catchy lead to an important article or send it to friends and they can remember the link to the article via the slug without to remember the original article link other endlessly.
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