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Massive traffic websites. Using CDN will save rather than using VPS for midrange websites.
Website contains static content (images, css, javascript).
Root servers located in remote user object.
Recently, the site provides MaxCDN famous CDN has launched a promotion for that month 8/2012 account owner 1 year with 1TB bandwidth traffic with only $ 1 in order to create conditions for some individuals who want to experience the company's CDN technology. But it's more special when you register for an account, you can $ 1 will be returned $ 1 if you contact them by email to claim back $ 1: Video Maker FX Review oh:.

And one more thing to note that is not your 1TB used 1TB per month which is used throughout the first year, but if you want additional 1TB per month, they need to pay about $ 70 in a year.

So if you have a PayPal account or Credits Card, also not hesitate to try the technology with only CDN $ 1. You can register here and payment. Please nhah feet up because the program applies only in August this alone.

Thach Pham Blog has just signed up 1 trial account and have some of the following assessment:

Website speed significantly improved thanks to the css files, images and javascript has been saved on the CDN server. Whereby bandwidth is also more economical.
Customer support is very professional work, quick and enthusiastic. Support his request, then about 5 minutes later is the most detailed response, whether you are a customer free or paid.
Panel Coltrol intuitive, easy to use, easy to configure.
Basic manual

First you Coltrol Panel page, in the section of your Manager Zones choose Create Pull Zone

Then you fill in the following parameters:

Pull Zone Name: Name 1 Zone CDN.Video Maker FX Review There should be no spaces or special here:
tag : 
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