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Vinci3D Review-$400000 Bonus & 25% Discount If you do not like the entrance gate 22222 Admin Tools, you can change it with the command.

Secure ee --port 1234
Among them, 1234 is the port to change to.

How to access phpMyAdmin

To access phpMyAdmin, you can go to the link https: // IP: 22222 // db / PMA /. You can log into the database username and password in the database of each site (see wp-config.php file will have this information).

Or you can log on with root user in MySQL Server. To get the password for the MySQL root user, you'll use this command.

cat ~ / .my.cnf
That's it, simple as well, right? In future articles, I will go over the folder structure inside EasyEngine to know that you can edit the configuration you want.
Of course, you'll need to point your domain to the IP of the server after adding.

Note: Please read the article and then do the following.

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Add domain and install WordPress automatically Bringing data from other sites on the server that is used EasyEngine also very easy, and there are many ways to do but in this article, I will go on by themselves or as it is WP-CLI use has been integrated into the EasyEngine.

Step 1. Add domain

First, you need to add the domain of the website need to move on with the command of EasyEngine. site --wpfc ee create --pagespeed
Later on in the domain's directory and delete the entire /var/www/ data that WordPress automatically installed. Note,Vinci3D Review wp-config.php file is not deleted in /var/www/ down as we will use it later.

Step 2. Bring the old data on the website
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