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.VidLock Review-$400000 Bonus & Discount Ministry of video programming is not due to their plugin which is turned by a trainer named PHP at QHOnline.Info An Vu lectures at the invitation of her, but anyway it is also a learning series for readers ThachPham.Com in other series like I did.

Overview content serie

In this series, though we will write a plugin to get information function is the weather forecast of the provinces, but the examples that you will know more about how to implement and how to write a plugin modeled plugin professional code form, convenient for upgrade later.

More specifically, the application retrieves weather information through a free API, you will know how to apply engineering data processing style JSON, AJAX application to get information out there to put widgets and especially used to store transient Object Cache to reduce the load on the server.

Even going into how more you discover yourself while watching videos offline.


Before you begin to do the video, please download the source file is available here,VidLock Review bonus it's just using HTML and CSS templates for you from losing the raising of the template only.
VidLock Review bonus
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