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When writing CSS in the normal way, you may have tired many repetitive actions very bland, and you want to have something to support your work with professional CSS. If you want to put your CSS knowledge to a new level, working professional, the first tool you need to use the SASS.

What is SASS?

SASS is a CSS Prepocessor (as LESS) helps you write CSS faster and more clearly structured. WP LINK SHIELD REVIEW With SASS, you can write CSS clear order, management of predefined variables, which can automatically compress your CSS file back to save space.

SASS benefit of his hard to exaggerate that this is, but I hope you will understand how exciting SASS after acquainted with it.

Preview: Complete Learning basic CSS

Install SASS

For people who prefer to use the command

SASS is an application written in Ruby, so if you're familiar with the command, you can install and use SASS its commands. In this series,WP LINK SHIELD REVIEW I did not say over this.

Reference: http://sass-lang.com/install

Using translation software SASS

If you are a novice, especially're using Windows, you can use software such as Compass SASS compiler, Koala, Prepros. In this article I will use the koala (free).

If you use a Mac, you can use CodeKit, very good.
How to work with SASS

First you create a folder containing your project. In which you created the file yourself style.scss. Then you install the software and then open up Koala, click the plus button to add the folder you created.

koala-add-projectSau that you set the output file that it will by right click on the file and select Set Output Path style.scss,WP LINK SHIELD REVIEW here you will name the output file it into CSS. Here his name is style.css output.click here : 


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