QUICK WEB BOOSTER KIT REVIEW BONUS This operation will be done in steps to install WordPress on localhost but here I will guide you can do in advance to try always.

When it comes to the database, you have to remember is that it consists of three main components:

The name of the database user.
User password database.
Name database.
Host database (usually localhost fill, whether you used the host localhost or normal).
Imagine that, a user of the database will have the task of reading and writing data to the database should use the PHP source code, you must declare at the same time both the database user and the database name.

For localhost, you do not need to create a user for the database that will use user information as follows:

Database username: root
Password: vacant
Therefore, we only need to create the database is enough.

To create the database,QUICK WEB BOOSTER KIT REVIEW you can visit the localhost with the path http: // localhost / phpmyadmin. Then you click on the Databases menu.


Then in the Create databsae, you need to create a database name Database name box, select the section Collation is utf8_unicode_ci as shown below and press the Create button next to it.


Create finished look inside the left hand menu, if it appears the name of the newly created database is successful. So now, we may have a databse with information such as:

Database Host: localhost
Database user: root
Database password: blank
Database name: thachphamblog
And how to use it how they're going to say in step install WordPress on localhost for real.

At this point you have a localhost address using the form http: // localhost / or then.QUICK WEB BOOSTER KIT REVIEW If you're familiar with the use localhost and need additional virtual domain name, then press 2 to resume page view to improving. Note is not for novices.

How to change the network port for localhost

Default localhost will use port 80, because when you type the domain name, such as http: // localhost, that means that it has to use port 80 to read the data in the localhost web. However if you were to use port 80 for another application, or simply not start Apache, you should be set to localhost using Apache in a different port, such as 8080.

Before the change, I need you to be noted that after the conversion is finished, you should access the website with the domain name http: // localhost: 8080 instead of http: // localhost.

To change the port,QUICK WEB BOOSTER KIT REVIEW you open up the XAMPP control panel and select Config button Apache, then select Apache (httpd.conf).

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