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Share Hosting user if the user wants instant access, you must use Hosting in Vietnam because we serve as the Vietnamese, a hosting package at HOSTVN will bring faster and most effective for you. Also you will have to optimize for WapGame by your cache, use the Share Hosting, we WP Super Cache to cache by, and you can read the detailed installation instructions of the author ThachPham.

VPS Hosting users, there are many different optimal way, you can configure so that the highest speed, and you can refer to the article optimized VPS high load of author Luan Tran.

Good page loading speed is gone for good users also learn a little more knowledge to edit CSS Design of Theme to bring a polished look to your WapGame. Guests at also want to stay more.


In this article I show you how to optimize, to declare what is needed for your WapGame, any questions please leave a comment and if interested please forward to the next article in this series. Thank you.

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