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CPA Ad Academy Review-$40000 Bonus & 25% Discount yllix Select Ad Tags to begin choosing the size banner as well as its visibility.


As you can see there are many varieties to choose from, classic banner, silder, mobile banners, popups, layers ...


To create an ad, you choose one of the options show that you need then customize as follows:

Rating: Non-adult (not display adult ads), Adult (Showing ads adult).
Format: Select the banner size you need.
Display ads Layer ?: Choose yes, it will show the layer between the website visitor, this one really takes guests should advise you not to use.
Code Type: Select the type of code inserted into websites, Ifarme or Script.
Section name: Select the ad name, like what the book set.
Get Ad Tags you hit is going to take away the inserted code website, ads will show immediately but it took about 1 day to start with advertising content relevant to your website.
tag :
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