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MobiLanderPro Review-$40000 Bonus & 25% Discount Unlike DoFollow links are nofollow google bot rated as a link is not indexed, you just imagine that you are tracking DoFollow Nofoflow also does not do so, according to the assessment, the Nofllow SEOer a link was considered a link google unreliable, but it is the story of the past, present evidence and dofollow nofollow attribute is no longer appreciated in SEO anymore, which means that your link though doFollow and nofollow is more reasonable, the value of which is not different.

So why do I say Nofollow better now?

- Try to think of it when you're buying, selling or exchanging links google will easily be entered in order to manipulate Spam category keywords like if just use the links DoFollow? But if you use the nofollow links will help you avoid and reduce the possibility that your keyword will be appreciated.

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