Quiz Funnels Review and bonus

Quiz Funnels Review MyAccount / - The template displays the account in Woocommerce.
form-add-payment-method.php - Form page displays additional payment methods.
form-edit-account.php - Show correct account form.
form-edit-address.php - Show correct email form.
form-login.php - Form login.
form-lost-password.php - Form forgotten passwords.
my-account.php - Template displaying the My Account page.
my-address.php - My Address Template page displays.
my-downloads.php - Template display the products purchased can be downloaded.
my-orders.php - Template displaying the My orders section.
view-order.php - Template displaying the page to view orders in your account page.
Notices / - The template displays the message.
error.php - Error.
notice.php - Announcement.
success.php - Announced successful.
order / - The template display order.
form-tracking.php - order tracking Form.
order-again.php - Displays the reset line.
order-details-customer.php - Display the customer information in order.
order-details-item.php - Display product details in order.
order-details.php - Shows detailed information of the order.
tracking.php - Display the order tracking page.
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